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The first obstacle on the way is my favorite moment.


There, where it all begins, where the bond between Man and Dog is so clearly expressed by such a magnetic gaze.


Agility Dog is trust, respect, Agility Dog is union.


Taken during an AgilityDog competition

She Is Bagheera

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PriceFrom €450.00
    • Latest generation canvas printing. It guarantees an impeccable result and an excellent duration over time.
    • Precious glossy finish typical of oil paintings. Hand made finish increases the overall gloss, and protects the canvas from the passage of time.
    • Mounting on 30mm wooden frame. Thanks to its consistent thickness it is suitable for large prints
    • The painting arrives ready to hang.
    • Authenticity certificate. Certify the authenticity, the title of the painting, the serial number and the author.
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